Argenta Underwriting Asia Pte. Ltd (AUA) was established as a service company in 2009 to source and underwrite business on behalf of Argenta Syndicate 2121.

Based in the Lloyd’s Asia hub in Singapore, AUA offers access to reinsurance and insurance business emanating from across the Asia-Pacific region, including some of the biggest and fastest growing insurance markets in the world. It has established a strong local presence and specialises in property, cargo & specie, energy and marine hull and war business.

In 2015, a new branch of AUA, Argenta Underwriting Australia, was set-up in Sydney. The branch secured an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) in early 2016 and is now co-located with other Lloyd’s entities on the new Lloyd’s Australia platform in the heart of the Sydney CBD. The new branch will primarily source and write property business from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region on behalf of Syndicate 2121.