Canopius Managing Agency Limited has provided with an updated forecast for Syndicate 4444’s 2016 account which has deteriorated to a range of between a loss of 8.16% of capacity to a loss of 3.16% of capacity. The forecast range as at 30 September was between a loss of 5.56% and of 0.56%, the deterioration at midpoint is therefore 2.6 points. The capacity for 2016 is £974.5m.

Private capital did not trade on the 2015 account of Syndicate 4444. The syndicate merged with Syndicate 958 at the end of 2015. The final result of Syndicate 958’s 2015 account was announced on 16 February. There is no forecast for the 2017 account of Syndicate 4444 at this stage.

The full list of syndicate results and forecasts received to date is available here.

Separately, Hiscox has now posted the analysts’ presentation slides for the group’s results to its website. These can be found here.