Lloyd’s has publishing its latest report on the topic of intangible assets. Changes in the economic landscape have led to a fundamental shift towards a new world dominated by intangible assets such as reputation, human capital, and intellectual property.

The increasing dependence of organisations on intangible assets, which has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, presents challenges and opportunities to risk managers and insurers.

Protecting intangible assets: Preparing for a new reality

This report, published by Lloyd’s in collaboration with KPMG, explores the risks and protection gaps associated with intangible assets and offers steps that can be taken to protect organisations against these risks.

This report provides high level analysis of the different intangible assets that are present and particular of value to organisations and present protection opportunities against the risks these assets face. 

What you'll learn:

·     Why intangible assets are so important and are now the driving force behind organisational value.

·     The different risks associated with different intangible assets, providing some existing insurance solutions that help protect certain intangibles e.g. IP pursuit.

·     Five actions a risk owner and manager can take to ensure better protection of their intangible assets and the value they provide.

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